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Our Philosophy

We'll take care of property concerns and do our best to make your everything to do with your rentals pleasant and

stress-free. Our philosophy is founded on the principle that our foremost duty is to ensure that our clients receive the best possible outcomes from their properties.



You’ll always be treated as our top priority. Property management agents belonging to the Rental Experts property management network are selected based on their consistent ethical conduct, commitment to excellence and superior local knowledge. They are backed by their sources, systems and standards.

So,whether you’re located in the suburbs, city or country, we can help you manage your rental. If you are looking for an investment, or to downsize your portfolio, we’d love the opportunity to help with that too.

Our time spent researching market conditions is invaluable here. By pricing realistically from the outset, you can avoid putting any barriers in the way of potential tenants. Unrealistically high rental prices may result in the property staying vacant for extended periods of time, costing you valuable income.

We offer as much assistance as you require.

Our mission is to maximise

property value for our clients.

be cared for. always.

See for yourself what a difference a property management service can make.

Property owners who use our professional property services can enjoy hands-free management while producing a consistent income from their homes.

As Northland rental experts, we guarantee the cleanliness and safety of every building we manage. When we see a problem, be it with the structure or the machinery, we do regular inspections to find it and fix it as soon as possible. This keeps the property valuable and in good shape, which attracts good tenants.

Our property management service also offers numerous advantages to tenants. By doing so, we can guarantee that their housing requirements are met and that they are residing in a secure and pleasant environment. Also, we make sure the tenants understand what is expected of them per the lease.

Tenant Selection

Successful property management begins with the careful screening of applicants. Your Asset Manager will apply stringent criteria to their view of all applications. The process begins well before an application is received though.

Our team will handle all enquiries and property inspections directly, so rapport can be built and an initial assessment conducted. Although we can never guarantee a tenant’s actions, stringent procedures ensure that the tenants we select are the most suitable for your property and minimise the risk of problems.


The management and tracking of arrears is an important part of property management. If left uncontrolled, it can result in a financial disaster for all parties, particularly the landlord. Our fully computerised systems combined with the daily updating of rents received, allows us to accurately process monies received and therefore quickly identify any potential problems and act before they become an issue.

We carefully check all tenants prior to placement so as to minimise arrears issues. However, problems do occur and for this reason, arrears management is an area we carefully administer. Our system generates a daily report advising us of any tenants that are in arrears and a strict Arrears Protocol is implemented to minimise the risk to our landlords.

The Importance of Routine Property Maintenance

Buildings progressively deteriorate over time and will continue to deteriorate if maintenance is not carried out. It is imperative to keep on top of regular maintenance to maximise your potential returns, keep your property desirable to good prospective tenants and in the future, saleable

Avoid Unnecessary Major Repairs

condition, requiring major repairs that could have been avoided. If left long enough a property can deteriorate to the point of being untenantable, which can translate to loss of income for you.

Landlords have a legal responsibility to their tenants to ensure the property is well maintained and in good repair. It is in the best interests of property owners to maintain their investment in the best condition possible. 

We have a 24 hour contact service for urgent repairs. To minimise risk, we only use qualified and appropriately licensed trades people who provide prompt service at competitive rates.

Rental Inspections

Following any inspection, we will provide you with a comprehensive report. This report will also identify any maintenance issues that may need attention. These reports provide invaluable information for future reference.


We will conduct a “Moving-In” inspection prior to new tenants occupying your property. This report will detail the condition of your property and any other relevant information, with a comprehensive library of photos and notes.

Periodic Inspections

Routine periodic inspections will be carried out at intervals as designated by the homeowner. These are designed to ensure that all is as it should be with the property.


When the tenants vacate we will conduct a detailed “Moving-Out” inspection. This is a thorough inspection to ensure the property has been left in good order. If no damage is found, then we promptly return the bond to the tenants. In the unfortunate situation that damage to the property is found, we will impose a claim on the Tenants Bond as required by the Residential Tenancy Act 1986.


Improve your rental property's profitability.

We value the trust our clients place in us as property managers and recognize the importance of protecting their investment. Moreover, we value the individuality of each property and collaborate with our clients to design specialized management strategies that help them achieve their objectives.

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