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In this article, we will walk you through the various types of rental properties in Whangarei and provide you with enough information to help you make that important decision of which place to stay in or rent out.



Whangarei is a scenic and hospitable place for renting or starting a rental business. Whether you’re a landlord looking for a rental property to invest in or a tenant trying to find a good place to rent, Whangarei should be your top choice. But how do you determine which type of rental property is the right fit for you?

Properties to rent in Whangarei come in various types, each with its unique designs and advantages. Even though there are many types of rental properties to choose from, the secret to finding the right one that fits you is knowing what you need and want either as a landlord or as a tenant.

Do you want a fully furnished house to rent in Whangarei or just a plain single detached house? Do you or your family need a three-bedroom or two-bedroom home? Or do you prefer to stay in a modern place where you can enjoy all the amenities?

On the other hand, you may be planning to acquire a rental property to own. Do you wish to invest in a lucrative rental business that could possibly get you off into early retirement? Do you envision yourself as a successful landlord?

Family Houses

Lone standing houses for rent are in high demand in Whangarei because these are often located in hospitable neighborhoods, gorgeous spots and spacious areas. There are properties up for lease in Whangarei that can either be a three-bedroom or two-bedroom house or a villa, complete with basic or upgraded amenities.

Tenants may also choose the fully furnished homes to save them the hassle of moving in and re-arranging furniture and fixtures. (Be warned furnished homes are few and far between, and when available often come at a premium). Some houses to rent in Whangarei were built with a spacious garage, well-manicured lawn and even (or a rare occasion) a boat house.

Homes that are listed for renting with a reputable management company, are likely to be clean and well-maintained because the management company is championing the needs of the tenant to the landlord. A managed property accommodates families that want to make their home as comfortable and safe as possible. With a management company on your side you can be assured that the house is cared for and that preventive checks on the house’s integrity and infrastructure are regularly done.

Investors often choose to put their money in a family house when deciding a property to rent, because of the many advantages, but mainly for its viability as an asset that is always lucrative and in demand at any time of the year. While there are a number of factors to consider when investing in rental properties, once you find a good family house to rent in Whangarei, go for it.

Apartment and studio-type units

Workers, urban professionals, and students would prefer apartments in Whangarei for the convenience it offers. Whilst apartment buildings are often built near commercial hubs and business complexes, in Whangarei apartment and studio type units can be found in many areas, including around the hospital. 

These properties provide the luxury of proximity and accessibility to work, school and leisure. Apartment tenants commonly have busy lifestyles and will greatly benefit from the ease of living just within the vicinity of their workplace. Cheaper units are also available to match the wage limit of typical employees and workers. Additionally, studio-type units are a good fit for students or contractual workers looking for a comfortable living space at affordable rental fees.

For landlords wanting to find the most profitable business from among the many types of rental properties in Whangarei, renting an apartment is a surefire money maker. This is because properties to rent in Whangarei are in high demand all year-round and many tenants are willing to pay for location. However, managing multiple units can be a challenge especially for first-time landlords. In fact, of the many types of rental properties, apartments are the ones that can be the most difficult to manage. The best move is to have a rental property management company do most of the work, especially with regards to managing cash flow, legalities, tenancy procedures and tenant relations.

Luxury units

There are living spaces in Whangarei where luxury and comfort are the main attractions. These luxury properties have quarters that are fit for royalty. Among all the properties to rent in Whangarei, luxury units are the ones that often land in real estate magazines and popular publications as featured homes.

All amenities and facilities are available, including swimming pool, gym, spa, leisure and sports area and a sprawling garden.

Rental properties of this type can be a high-risk investment for landlords because of possible low demand for occupancy. But when managed properly, luxury properties for rent can rake in incredibly high profits. Note that, according to real estate experts, investors can expect rental growth in the property market as the economy returns.

Retirement living

Investors wanting to find rental properties that they want to own and rent out as an early retirement investment should consider houses in Whangarei. Why? Whangarei is the perfect place for retirement living. What Whangarei offers is that it has everything a retiree could ever ask for – stunning views, peace and quiet, and all the perks of a comfortable life coupled with a warm climate.

These types of rental properties are the ones that investors cherish and cash in. Finding a house that is best for retirement living may well be something that anyone, investor or tenant, would wish for and would love to keep, especially when it is located in Whangarei.

A house fit for retirement living is rented out for longer periods of time and generates higher return of investment.

Thus choosing a home suitable for retirement not only means you have a suitable asset to move into for yourself when you choose to retire, but in the meantime will have typically respectful quiet tenants who will cherish your asset.

Holiday rentals

There are also Whangarei rental properties that are appropriate for holiday-goers. These types of rental properties can pass as luxury units or the good old kiwi Bach. The price of rental fees may vary depending on the length of stay. These types of rentals should be comfortable and spacious enough for large family gatherings.

With the kiwi summers and beautiful beaches in close proximity, the one thing that is certain is wider family will almost certainly come to stay. Some features that tenants look for in holiday rentals are multiple-car garage, spacious rooms and living quarters, and a fully furnished kitchen.

Investing in holiday rentals will be worth the risk of low occupancy because rates of holiday rentals usually soar during peak season and become higher as demand grows. Despite international travel in 2020 being a distant memory, Whangarei is well served with domestic visitors from Auckland.


Keep in mind that Whangarei is an all-around pleasant place where you have the mix of sun, sea and nature. Hence, its homes and residential units vary according to its location – some are on the beach front, some within commercial areas and some are on the hillside and upper lanes. Clearly, there are variations in the properties to rent in Whangarei that suits your taste. You can choose a family home, a modern, luxurious condo or simply a spacious apartment unit.

Why is it important to be very sure which of the many rental properties you want to take? It’s because rental is a time-consuming, complex process that involves a lot of legalities. Once you decide to enter into a rental agreement and jumpstart the rental process, turning back will have its consequences, both legally and financially. The best type of rental property to own is something that suits your needs and gives you satisfaction.

If you are still undecided on what type of rental property fits you, there are rental experts who can help. A rental expert is someone with enough experience and skills to know if a certain property matches your lifestyle and your needs. Usually, a rental expert is part of property management company or organisation that offers affordable services both for landlords and tenants.

Contrary to belief that hiring a professional property manager or a rental expert is just a needless expense, hiring one can save you thousands in cash or the equivalent value of time and effort.

The rental expert will be able to guide you into making the most sensible decision in property investment, most suitable for you.

So when looking for a rental expert, choose – The Whangarei property experts.

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