Services That A Rental Management Company Should Provide

A rental property investment can be profitable and viable only when it is put under good management. Some landlords with enough experience in rental management may be up for hands-on supervision of their properties. But for newbies and even those who are unable to give their attention 24/7 to managing their property, hiring a rental management company is always a good idea.

Companies that specialise in rental management not only increase and maintain the value of your residential establishment but also protect you from potential lawsuits and vulnerabilities. This will keep costs low in the long run as avoiding even just one lawsuit will save you money, time, and energy.

However, finding a good, dependable and trustworthy company specialising in rental management can be tough. It is advisable to use caution when selection a property management company. Take time to understand the services they provide and how they can enhance your business goals.

It is best to research what kinds of services you should expect from a rental management company. Here is a sneak preview of these services:

Rent collection

Consistent rent payment collection is key to maintaining on-time rent payments. Rental management companies can help track payment transactions and keep records of each in a secure system. It is important to keep track when tenants pay their rent, whether weekly or fortnightly as a requirement for meeting insurance obligations. Professionals can also help you enforce your rental policy if payments are not received. As a landlord, this will save you a lot of time and effort, especially if your property caters to multiple tenants or those must susceptible to missing rental payments.

As an essential service that property management companies provide, the mode of collecting rent differs from company to company. Some offer online payments with the use of management software. This could especially be beneficial for all parties involved as it lessens liabilities and risks.

Furthermore, excellent property managers will be able to determine the optimal rate for rent through their knowledge of the local real estate market. Aside from the convenience of not having to collect monthly rent, landowners are also assured that they are receiving the best rates for their property. For instance, units for rent in Whangarei are often managed by experienced rental property managers with ample knowledge on setting rental rates that are competitive and fair.

Property maintenance

When landlords fail to address complaints from tenants, this can affect not only the habitability but also the reputation of the property. Fortunately, property maintenance is a basic service that rental management companies can provide.

Maintenance problems can give landlords a lot of headaches and there had been cases when tenants withhold their payment until the necessary repairs are done. In New Zealand, people tend to heat their homes room-by-room. Houses in NZ can be very cold in the winter, and this poses health issues. With this problem comes the need to provide the right kind of heating for every family and home. Placing even the wrong type of heater in the property could lead to major health risks and possible expensive repair costs.

Professionals in rental management should address this problem by keeping preventative maintenance in check and implementing safety inspections. However, it’s good to still keep an eye on how they handle maintenance.

Effective property marketing

Experts in property management should be able to market your property effectively. Because these companies handle many properties, they can acquire better rates for advertising. Moreover, with their knowledge in the industry, they will know the exact cosmetic improvements necessary to add value to your rental property.

To put this into perspective, some rental properties in Whangarei put up a “For Rent” sign on a property once it is listed under new management, or whenever one of its tenants advises that they will be vacating. Units for rent in Whangarei are also primarily advertised on the internet and on display in the company’s office.

A rental management company’s marketing job, however, does not end there. They are also responsible for showing prospective tenants the property and seeing if the unit fits what the tenants are looking for. The company should also be honest and ethical in describing the property to the prospective tenants—this means not hiding anything about the property that may pose problems to them in the long run.

Here at RentalsCo we welcome the opportunity to be your chosen Property Management Company. Come see how we compare. 

Tenant relations

As part of their services, property management companies usually appoint skilled property managers to deal with day-to-day tenant relations. These include addressing the tenant’s questions, issues, or requests.

By keeping the tenants happy and addressing their concerns, they are more likely to stay long-term and do their part in taking care of their occupying unit. Many rental properties in Whangarei have a history of having long-term tenants mainly because of good tenant relations and professional management.

Another advantage of hiring a professional rental property manager is that the owner saves time from listening to tenants’ excuses, collecting rent, and handling evictions. The property manager ensures that the rules are followed so that internal problems can be avoided.

Companies that manage rental properties in Whangarei take it a step further by including qualified managers in their package. These professional managers are specially trained and have specific management and real-estate experience. In fact, you’ll find multiple reasons to hire the services of a Whangarei Property Management Company

Financial records

As asset managers, companies with enough experience in property management should be able to efficiently and promptly submit financial reports to the landlord on a monthly or annual basis. These reports should reflect the gross rent proceeds, the property’s operational costs, and net profits.

Detailed records of the property are necessary for accounting purposes. They should also include all income and expenses, signed leases, a list of inspections, and insurance costs.

Financial reports provide transparency and allow the owner to know and understand the cash flow of their property. With this, the landlord will be able to see if his property’s budget was managed well. For units for rent in Whangarei, the common practice is for property managers to store financial records for safekeeping, with the landlords having access to it anytime.

Tenant Profiling

One bad tenant can cause significant problems to the property both physically and financially. Landlords with no experience in the real estate industry often end up choosing bad tenants, which leads to more problems.

Rental management companies should be able to take this burden off you by taking care of the complex process of screening tenants. They should be able to have a reliable and verified screening process in selecting tenants.

The characteristics of the right tenants include paying rent on time, minimizing wear and tear or damage to the property, and staying long-term without causing many problems.

Another advantage of having a reliable rental manager to screen your tenants is having to avoid dealing with discrimination lawsuits that consume both time and money.

Regulatory compliance

Knowing and understanding landlord-tenant laws can be overwhelming for landlords. A professional management company focused on rental properties can quickly solve this.

The company should be knowledgeable about land laws, especially when it comes to landlord-tenant laws and regulations. They should have a strong knowledge of current laws, regulations, and ordinances. For instance, the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act that was signed in July 2019 requires landlords to submit compliance statements on a regular basis. As a landlord, you may not be familiar enough with a lot of the provisions of the said law, as well as other new and old regulatory policies. A rental management company should be able to help you comply to the law prudently.

In a nutshell, hiring professionals to manage your rental property will help avoid possible legal problems as they know how to protect you and your property from potential lawsuits and other vulnerabilities.

Management services vary from company to company. However, when looking for one to manage your property, make sure that they are able to provide the services described above. Do not skip on due diligence. What kind of properties they manage? Do not, under any circumstances, proceed if they are unable to provide you with proper and valid documentation.

Once they have given you the right paperwork, ask how they handle setting and collecting rent, property maintenance, repairs, and tenant screening. The way they handle tenants, collection, and repair will show a lot about how they will take care of your property. After that, clarify their property management fees and contract to avoid misunderstandings and potential problems.

Lastly, look for more property management companies in your area. Talk to three more companies so that you will be able to compare rates and raise questions, leading to better options. Do not underestimate the power of possibilities—a single choice could be the difference between wasting or earning more money from your property.

Here at RentalsCo we welcome the opportunity to be your chosen Property Management Company. Come see how we compare.

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