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Whangarei is a scenic and hospitable place for renting or starting a rental business. Whether you’re a landlord looking for a rental property to invest

A rental property investment can be profitable and viable only when it is put under good management. Some landlords with enough experience in rental management

It can be difficult to predict future residential rental prices with the sudden surges and dives in the market. However, there are ways to determine how often rent can be raised.  For Whangarei

Nowadays, more people are turning to DIY or “Do it Yourself” to save on costs. When it comes to real estate, you also have an option to self-manage your property. Of

When it comes to Whangarei Rental Properties, the best property managers in Whangarei are RentalsCo. They are with you every step of the way.

When deciding on how to best manage your investment property, keep in mind these two big roles: a letting agent and a real estate agent.


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We value the trust our clients place in us as property managers and recognize the importance of protecting their investment. Moreover, we value the individuality of each property and collaborate with our clients to design specialized management strategies that help them achieve their objectives.

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